6-inch Long Large Aquarium Fish Tank Filter Media 100pcs gray nano bars

  1. Exceptional filtration capabilities: The 6-inch Long Large Aquarium Fish Tank Filter Media efficiently removes ammonia and nitrite, ensuring a clean and healthy aquatic environment. Its vast surface area and porous internal structure contribute to superior filtration performance.

  2. Superior oxygenation: This filter media enhances oxygen levels in your aquarium, promoting better respiration and overall health for your fish. It increases the amount of dissolved oxygen through turbulence and agitation during water flow.

  3. Safe and non-metallic ceramic: Made of 100% aquarium-safe, non-metallic ceramic material, this filter media poses no harm to your aquatic pets. It doesn't introduce harmful substances or chemicals into the water.

  4. Long-lasting and durable: Crafted from highly porous ceramic material, this filter media is designed for long-lasting performance. Its sturdy construction withstands continuous water flow without easily breaking down.

  5. Versatile application: Suitable for various setups, including freshwater and marine aquariums, sump tanks, and koi ponds, this filter media provides efficient mechanical and biological filtration wherever used. Its versatility ensures effective filtration in different aquatic environments.

  6. Each Box: 100pcs, Media Bar Size: 6 x1.4x1.4 Inch